by Semi-Civil

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released January 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Semi-Civil State College, Pennsylvania

We just want to blow out your ear drums.

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Track Name: We Are...
In the name of justice
we rally socially
shoving half-wit opinions down the throats
in order for others to digest
We should regurgitate
spit out all that we’ve taken in
We know nothing
Social constructs construct the walls
that stand between cultural diversity
and humanism
vast time spent taking little action to
advance your movements
which seem all so important
Your words mean nothing
do you act out on your cries for equality?
do you stand with the others?
You do nothing
With culturally centric ideals
key problems of humanity
of nature
of the world
are being negated
worried more for the advancement of a specific minority,
sexual preference,
severs the roots of humanity
We are selfish
We are greedy
We are corrupt
We are damned
We are Semi-Civil
Track Name: Severed Roots
two eyes, one brain
no common sense
as organic robots we are lost in encryption

can’t crack the code

separating ourselves from the world around us
we’ve built up arms of hate thirsting for power

closed minded frenzy,
we’ve progressed electronically
an outsource to the world
with two eyes closed
and the other open
we fail to peer deeper

recognize no difference
Roots of hate built from culture,
disagreement sparked it all

We cannot reason with our own kind

Resorting to violent acts
mutually assured destruction
for gold gizmos and glory
these three things that plague men’s souls

Closed minded frenzy
We’ve progressed electronically
an outsource to the world
with two eyes closed
and the other open
we fail to peer deeper

we continue to neglect
and continue to infect
that separate the world.
Track Name: Cult of Masses
We praise to you our god

looking to the skies to seek answers
Voices remain unheard
an ear turned away
Where have you gone?
words spewed
energy wasted
you were so close
you could almost taste it
on the tip of your tongue
rolling off
in jesus name amen

War waged in holy honor
men left slaughtered
we sacrifice ourselves for faith
but what Is faith?
An idea held without proof
dying for the unknown

through the course
gods lay buried
found fallacious
now forever dead

When you die
your body decays fueling the fungus
that consumes your flesh
We all have souls and all things mesh
But you will never see god in the flesh
cult of masses oh, time passes
we haven’t seen much change
killing others for differences in shared view
in hopes another will follow too

a guide of morals
fit to anyone’s desires

the word of gods are false
I am god
Track Name: Glow
Raising sheep to fit the masses,
we’ve succumbed to the ignorance.
but ignorance is bliss.

The flicker from the glowing box
is all so warm,
filling what is empty within.
Fashioned to our keys,
we’re afraid to miss a thing.

We intake.
We spew.
We don’t remember.
We Intake
We spew
We don’t retain

Nothing past our daily lives is observed.
Luxury blinds.
How do we break this black void?
Gouge your eyes, they are not being used.
Thoughts turned into mush.
Brains rotting every second of each day.
Remove them, you are artificial.

You’ve been molded.
Held captive by your own primitive mind.
Attracted to the glow
Track Name: B.A.U.
sucking the blood
feed like mosquitoes
we neglect the needs of the host
The nectar will soon run dry
wilting, weak from exhaustion
the once strong drop dead
and those who adapt shall prosper

Time continues
the new beast constructs his hierarchy
once again destined to fall
cyclical patterns appears
fight for change, fight for a better today
but only fighting for a new empirical rule
life is strategic movement,
selfish advancement
for selfish beings
collectively uniting to form a perfect union
of hate
of ignorance
of fear

Absent from thought
coursing through the day
acting as living marionettes
the strings unseen
actions controlled
a subconscious want
a subconscious need
unnecessary motive
a disconnect

Organized thought conformity costs declining
we’ve been dancing around the fire they’ve been defining
amongst the wolves we’ve been dining
One nation undivided we’ve subsided
Born as scum
Raised as wolves

acting as living marionettes
the strings unseen
actions controlled
a subconscious want
a subconscious need
an unnecessary motive
a disconnect
Track Name: Slither
Born a snake
Learning to slither through the cracks
slyly to remain unnoticed
the shadows are the only friend of a serpent

peering through the black and white
diving into the grey
there is more to be seen than our eyes can take in
I can smell your fears
I can see your insecurities
I can hear the cries

Streets of shelter
communities unknown
connection unheard

Fear inflicted through our daily lives
clawing at our sanity

Stand up, fight back
Our power is seemingly untapped
we’ve given our surrender
Subject to a life of ill treatment
This life is poison
An antidote found inside
locked in the depths
of mental labyrinth

Hidden in plain sight
blind culture strides by
unnoticed interconnection

Track Name: Personal Void
From the pits of hell demons do spawn.
One with wings ascends the depths.
Two faced and rotten shines the reflections of goddess,
Indulging for all to see.

The image of perfection, detection made.
Something's fucked.
Conscious in flesh,
I do detest

all is dead within.
Fires light the path,
Not to be stopped
Until everything turned to ash.

With movements so rash
advancements seem like Improvements.
the rose colors blind the eyes when flying high with burning wings

wretched conniving being
twist words and bend minds
conveniently manipulating the world around you
burning bridges to further light your path
sickened with ignorance, it’s blind selfishness
War cries sounding as lullabies
it’s all enticing, power obtained
what was once beautiful
leveled to ruins, turned to dust

With movements so rash
advancements seem like
the rose colors blind the eyes
When flying high with burning wings;
An elegantly evil queen plummets through the crust to reach her throne.
Underneath, in what is now forgotten.
Head risen high,
But doubts hidden low.

The gut twist at the thought,
Swallowing what Is known,
Eating away what was known as stability
digesting anxiety

All is dead within
Come to meet your demise

A lack of foundation crumbles beneath the throne.
The queen forever falling endlessly in void.
The devil now sits without what was truly his.
Track Name: Psycho-Benzo
Support for one, but a lack for the rest.
Trying to be the best that you can be.
subconscious lies
you just want to blend.
Built to be a facade, individuality is fleeting.
We're born to want to be accepted.
We're born to fit a mold

Mental illness on the rise; It'll be this generation's demise.
Take those pills, shove’em down your throat.
One pop from euphoria.
Misinterpretation of human emotion
numbing anything we can.
More problems
man constructed
pumping our system full of fuck,
we can't escape the muck.

This bog in the mind, feelings are all confined.
never expressed for the world to hear.
Definition of the human psyche is a poison all too deadly.
Doctor prescribed medley of medication.
Eat the pressed powder to escape devastation.
The artificial concoction settles nerves through chemical imbalance
In your mind
All your problems seemingly disappear.
Cowardice, weak beings
fleeing from sobriety.
Fingers on the RX tube.
think different of this poison.
for reason so naive.
A list of conditions
Most end in death.

We trust in thee, MD.
Our artificial god
Track Name: Stagnant Life
Sailing on wings of misfortune
We strive to better ourselves
A race built on progression
but how have we progressed?
We’re Semi-Civil beings
believing we are more than what we are

Stagnant, we’ve halted.
Our heads turned robotic
Our lives controlled by an oppressor
Our freedom cut

Questions lead to analysis
severed from our conscious
understood to be told
We trudge mindlessly into the unknown

The dream we’ve been raised to achieve
is nothing but deceit.
We enter ourselves into
slavery for currency.

Shallow lives
Empty of meaning
Dying unfulfilled

Suffocating consumer
We know not of what we do
Blank minds
Egocentric creatures
We’ve been conditioned

Questions lead to analysis
severed from our conscious
understood to be told
We trudge mindlessly into the unknown

Push forward,
there is no return
we have desire
a sick addiction
turning an eye
on what is real
tuning in
but dropping out
veil over affinity

cringing fingers
pupils wide
from the glaring light
Track Name: Divided We Stand
Built up walls in our union
which do nothing but divide
though we stand for a common good

every soul has morals
every soul has ethic
each being independent
collaboration with others
generates group thought

letting go apart of individuality when conforming
it’s just what they want
it’s just what they need
a fight for justice
is what they plead

when time devoted
is spent on one cause
the grand scheme is lost
Inequality still rings
in my ears

effort and cause put into specific sects
limiting possibilities
Defragmentation of the mind is needed
connecting the dots to make things clear

Fearing our kind,
scared of what's unknown
We all have severed ties
That can be rebuilt
through selflessness
and apathy

Give up your headstrong ideals
Open the floodgates of the mind
Track Name: Cancerous Children
Top of the chain, enlarged brains
We’ve developed cognition
Society created
populus gathering
Collaborate and exterminate
forwarding our flag

Losing touch with the primal-self
Growing malignant cancer
Fabricated reality
synthetic fantasy
an alchemy gone unseen

natural process cut
wired back together
becoming so obscene

deep-set aversion for those in common
Our intelligence benighted
Single soul’s falling more alike
Differences miniscule
Filling our heads full of smoke

We disrupt natural order
Breaking cycles with all that’s created
By mankind our progression sets off a domino effect
Subtle changes go unnoticed
overhaul in the long run
No change will be made
Create to overcome our own mistakes

Playing with fire the caps will melt
Flooding coasts nature will conquer
Mother will rid us if need be
To live on this crust a bond must be made

Fuck our menial differences
To see the grand scheme
We must gather and work together
To prevent our own self-caused destruction.
Be post race
Be post culture
Be post boarders
There is a greater cause at hand
Set new limits
Work for peace within humanity

We are one